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Installation of tight rings

Installation of a protective cap

TOZ 114 tool is meant for cleaning well bottoms of 114-168 mm tubing string from sludge, sand, mud, proppant, milled metal and other objects, which have the capacity to go through the inlet of the unit.

The unit allows to implement adjustable differential pressure at the well bottom and the critical area of the well. This provides non impacted influence for the plugged  area of  the string.

The plant can be used by teams which deal in well completion after drilling for extraction of drilling fluid filtrate and to induce liquid influx from the stratum.  TOZ 114 can also be effectively used for the cleaning of the second well bores  d 114 мм, d 120 мм.

Principal Scheme of Work of the Tool

TOZ 114 unit is a downhole device which works due to lowering hydrostatic liquid column in mining annuity of wells while opening the unloading valve.

For that, inside of the unit there is a hermetic air chamber which finds itself under atmospheric pressure.

When the unit is lowered down into the well and is put onto the plugged area, the air chamber opens up and, due to the difference in pressure,-suction takes place. The sucked liquid is retained with different constituents and particles of the plug. 

Main Technical Features

Body diameter, mm89 (max)
Length of components, mm
Check valve342
Connecting pipe160
Overload valve741
Safety valve463
Connecting pipe orifice diameter, mm7
Length of piston stroke of the overload valve, mm60
Landing depth, mup to 3000
Р Connecting pipe, MPa 4,5
Total weight, kg70

 Application of Hydraulic Vacuum  Hydraulic Spoon TOZ-114

Well bottom cleaning technologies with the use of TOZ 114 are widely used at the following enterprises: OSS “TNK-BP” in Nizhnevartovsk and Buzuluk in YPNPandKRS OSS “Slavneft-Megionneftegaz” , at “TNK-Nizhnevartovsk” and enterprises of OSS “Tatneft”.

Results of implementation of hydraulic vacuum spoons TOZ-114 showed high efficiency, reliability and usability, confirmed by the legalized Acts of Implementation.

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