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Petros Group of Companies is an exclusive supplier of  unique domestically produced products for the Russian market – a universal hydro-mechanical tubing perforator PNKT-5 and unit for bottomhole cleaning of wells TOZ 114.

Universal Hydro-Mechanical Tubing Perforator PNKT-5Presentation (4,3 Mb)

An efficient tool for reconstruction of hydrodynamic connection between the pipe and mining annuities in the well by means of  the stalks’ wall perforation while performing repairs or other technological activities. It is the only perforator of this sort at the Russian market and is used at oilfields of all principal oil producing companies.

A Plant for Boottomhole Cleaning of Wells TOZ 114Presentation (0,8 Mb)

Toz 114 plant is designed for bottomhole cleaning of 114-168 mm string diameter from sludge, sand, mud, proppant, milled metal and other objects, which have the capacity to go through the inlet of the unit. The unit allows to implement adjustable differential pressure at the well bottom and the critical area of the well. This provides non impacted influence for the plugged  area of  the string. The plant is effectively used at TNK-BP, “Tatneft”, “Slavneft” oilfields and by other operators.

Units for Well Drilling and Repair MTU-80G, MBR-125, MBR-160Presentation (6,9 Мб)

These mobile units with carrying capacities of 80, 100, 125, 127 and 160 t are designed for overhaul repair of well, emergency works, well-reworking by means of sidetrack kickoff and well development. All the units are equipped with a unique device – a hydraulic winch, by means of which well operations are carried out quicker and with higher quality, compared to foreign and domestic analog mechanically actuated units.

The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is responsible for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We don't want to PR on a global disaster, but the latest information about the size and properties of the coronavirus suggests that our filters can also be useful in the fight against the pandemic.
NAQWA water filters delivered to Syria by Russian Humanitarian Mission.
10 tons of humanitarian aid including NAQWA water filters were delivered to Latakia province in Syria by Russian Humanitarian Mission…

New Products & Services
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LQtest 2.8 special   Device for detection of explosive and flammable liquids inside sealed vessels LQtest 2.8 special
Device for detection of explosive and flammable liquids inside sealed vessels



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