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Petros Group was founded in 1991 in Moscow, Russia. Being rooted to the leading Russian Oil and Gas Scientific Research Institute Petros absorbed the most effective technologies for Enhanced Oil Recovery which to the date total to 20. From the very beginning we have been focused on innovative and high quality approach to our products which brought them international recognition.

Petros EOR technologies have been successfully implemented in all major oil fields in Russia where corresponding incremental production due to these technologies is as much as 1 000 000 barrels of oil annually. They also have a good record of implementation abroad in such countries as Ukraine, Uzbekistan, USA and others.

With years we have widened the number of our products connected not only to oil production, but also to other business sectors such as geological prospecting, tank cleaning, water treatment, fire fighting and IT. All these technological products are based on long term scientific studies and very well practice proven. Some of the products including Petros’ own are truly unique and utilize world leading technologies from Russia. We are proud to implement these technologies in Russia and bring them to our partners abroad.

Authors of our technologies.

Academician Vladimir. I. Vernadsky - a Soviet scientist of the XX century, member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. V. Vernadsky is the author of more than 700 scientific works in the field of geology, crystallography, mineralogy, geochemistry, and noosphere. His works formed the basis for development of some of the Distant Earth Screening Technologies (DEST).

Academician Georgy N. Flyorov - a prominent Soviet nuclear physicist, a member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. His main scientific activity is associated with major discoveries in the field of nuclear fission, synthesis of new chemical elements and new types of radioactivity. G. Flyorov is the founder of the Institute of Nuclear Research in Russia. Academician Flyorov is the founder of  the nano-technologies related to track membranes. These unique membranes are used today in medicine equipment and water filters.
Academician Arkadiy A. Bokserman - a Russian oil scientist, professor, member of  Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Academician A. Bokserman is the author of more than 200 scientific works on the development of oil fields, modern methods of enhanced oil recovery (thermal, gas, chemical and microbiological). Mr. Bokserman`s EOR technologies are now used on all major oil fields in Russia and also abroad.
Vladimir N. Vasilevsky, Ph.D. - a follower of  Academician Krylov A.P.  V. Vasilevsky is the  author of numerous works on the monitoring of oil field development; the founder of hydrodynamic methods of studies on  oil saturation  and reservoir depletion.

Emanuel L. Leybin, Ph.D. in petroleum geology and oil field development. E. Leybin, the author of numerous works and inventions, including a number of EOR technologies used in water flooding of oil reservoirs.

“PETROS” Petros publishes analytical reviews of the world`s oil market on regular basis and, as a social project, runs b2b small business portal.

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The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is responsible for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We don't want to PR on a global disaster, but the latest information about the size and properties of the coronavirus suggests that our filters can also be useful in the fight against the pandemic.
NAQWA water filters delivered to Syria by Russian Humanitarian Mission.
10 tons of humanitarian aid including NAQWA water filters were delivered to Latakia province in Syria by Russian Humanitarian Mission…

New Products & Services
Filters are designed to produce drinking water away from wells, ponds, rivers, lakes, swampsWater Technologies
Portable NAQWA Spring water recoverers for getting drinking water out of superficial sources.
Distant Earth Screening Technology (DEST)DEST
Distant Earth Screening Technology
Tank CleaningTank Cleaning
Tank cleaning is carried out with the use of a new technology
LQtest 2.8 special   Device for detection of explosive and flammable liquids inside sealed vessels LQtest 2.8 special
Device for detection of explosive and flammable liquids inside sealed vessels



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