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Distant Earth Screening Technology (DEST)

The technology of Distant Earth Screening DEST is one of the most effective method of prospecting and exploration of oil, gas and other minerals deposits.

DEST method is based on detecting the impact of minerals in the bowels of the Earth on the Earth's surface.

Under the influence of the energy emanating from the Earth's core, these deposits, as well as all the other rocks emit seism-acoustic waves.

Reaching the Earth's surface, these waves produce a certain transformation of the Earth's surface that is fixed in the aerospace surveys.

Computer analysis of the aerospace surveys allows us not only to determine the depth of the reservoir rocks, radiating seism-acoustic waves, but also distinguish among them wavering with different properties, including those caused by deposits of hydrocarbons.

The results of aerospace imagery (even on unexplored territory) will be enough to quickly make a forecast of the availability of potential resources of oil, gas or other minerals, to estimate volumes, depth and other parameters of mineral deposits, as well as the complexity of drilling conditions on the vertical profile and the recommended placement of drilling wells.

When using DEST it is not necessary to travel to the area and conduct preliminary field work. Moreover, successful operation does not require data of geological and other studies.

DEST proved itself during exploration work in Russia (Western Siberia, Volga region, Kaliningrad region, the Urals, North Caucasus, Far East).

In addition, thanks to structural and metric analysis exploration of oil and gas fields in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Japan, Korea, USA, Canada, Mexico, Paraguay, Costa Rica was successfully conducted.

Advantages of DEST method:

  • Low cost of forecast operations;
  • Short turnaround time;
  • High efficiency and accuracy of forecasts;
  • No eco recovery is needed after the study.

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Distant Earth Screening Technology (DEST)DEST
Distant Earth Screening Technology
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